Eric Braun - Rentokil Steritech

"We are excited to add ActiveGuard® Mattress Liners to the Rentokil Steritech ‘Approved Products List’ for use in both our active and preventive bed bug control strategies"


Richard Adie, GM, Statler Hotel

“We have had them on our mattresses for three years and have had no confirmed bed bugs. I sleep better at night knowing that they are on the mattresses. I spent quite a bit of time researching this prior to purchasing and became a believer. Frankly I am not sure why ActiveGuard® has not been recognized as the only solution for the problem.”

ActiveGuard features a unique and proprietary delivery system that offers sustained bioavailability of permethrin for two years. New research from Ohio State University supports that after limited exposure to ActiveGuard of only 10 minutes, bed bugs – regardless of their level of resistance – begin to show significant reductions in feeding and a dramatic inability to lay eggs.”

- Jim Ballard, PhD 
Ballard Pest Management Consulting

"I had to show them investing in active mattress liners would justify the cost of the program, reducing their litigation costs and the costs associated with compensating and relocating guests due to bed bugs.

We get the necessary residual control for up to two years and we catch the majority of activity before it gets out of hand. I can honestly say we don’t call it a bed bug infestation any more, we just call it bed bug activity.

I know it’s saved our hotel a lot of money by preventing additional bed bug treatments, taking rooms out of service and providing customers with complimentary rooms after they’ve encountered a bed bug infestation in their room.”

- Anonymous In-House Pest Management Manager for a National Hotel Chain