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Hotel rooms with regular guest turnover are constantly challenged with new bed bug introductions; these pests are notorious hitchhikers!  And once an infestation establishes, these bugs are incredibly difficult to control. More and more hotels throughout the country are protecting their guests and reputation with ActiveGuard® Mattress Liners to combat this elusive and insidious pest.

These easy to use mattress and box spring liners deliver excellent prevention of bed bugs. Remember, while you cannot control bed bugs from being introduced into your hotel you can control an introduction from turning into an infestation.

Taking a proactive stance and preventing bed bugs will help to:-

  • Protect your brand reputation by avoiding complaints on TripAdvisor and BedBugRegistry.com
  • Maintain your operating efficiencies due to the high cost of bed bug treatment once an infestation establishes
  • Improve stakeholder equity in your property as you protect your rooms from bed bugs and your guests from enduring bites


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World-Class bed bug prevention and control

  • A cost-efficient tool for the Prevention & Control of bed bugs
  • As easy-to-install as a fitted sheet; no training needed
  • 4 sizes fit all mattresses and box springs
  • Improves the 'Quality of Life' of your guests and staff
  • 24/7 Protection for your guests while preserving your Reputation for two years
  • Widely used and adopted by major brand hotels and individually owned/operated lodging properties in partnership with their Pest Management Professionals
  • Maintenance-free
  • Extensively lab-tested and field-proven
  • Multiple research publications by renowned Entomologists
  • Liners are thin, breathable, comfortable & durable

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