The Importance of ActiveGuard® Mattress Liner Replacement in Hotels

Jim Ballard
31 May 2016

Two years ago, you made the pro-active decision to put ActiveGuard® Mattress Liners to work in your hotel. These active liners work to protect your guests AND beds from a bed bug infestation. You have adopted a pro-active cutting edge technology to prevent bed bugs from impacting your bottom line and hotel’s reputation. Well, two years have passed and you have not had any bed bug issues but it is now time to replace your Liner.

Allergy Technologies LLC, the manufacturer of ActiveGuard® Mattress Liners, has evaluated Liners retrieved from hotel rooms after two years of use. Allergy Technologies chose to evaluate Liners used in hotels as they represented the highest use profile available. These used Liners were tested for potency and also challenged against bed bugs in the laboratory. While the Liners were at the end of their 2 year advertised life, they were still found to be effective in the control of bed bugs.

However, failure to replace the Liner will result in a false sense of protection as the Liner will likely begin to decline in effectiveness post 2 years of use, to the point where any newly arriving bed bugs may be able to gain a foothold and initiate the establishment of an infestation. Hotel rooms are under constant pressure from newly introduced bed bugs that pose a threat for a potential bed bug outbreak. Don’t put your guests and your hotel reputation on the line because your bed bug Liners have expired.

According to the 2015 ‘State of the Industry’ report published by PestWorld, 75% of pest professionals have encountered bed bugs in hotels. The high frequency of bed bug infestations in hotels and the enormous negative impact it has emphasizes the continuous use of a preventive bed bug product; an ActiveGuard® Mattress Liner is a prime example of such a product!

Replace the Liner after two years of installation. And don’t forget to make a note in your calendar of the replacement date!