Extending the Residual of Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs

One of the many options that Pest Management Professionals (PMPs) have in their treatment of bed bug infestations is to use a heat program (either electric or propane based). While heat is a great option to treat for bed bugs and effectively eliminate the bed bug infestation, one of the drawbacks is that the method offers no residual control.

Depending upon the degree of infestation, the likelihood of re-infestation, surrounding hotels and cost considerations, some PMPs can also apply a residual insecticide, such as one of the newer pyrethroid/neonicotinoid products or silica gel to selected non-sleeping surfaces within the room to offer some level of residual control once the heating process is concluded.  However, these treatments require re-application every 6-12 months (refer to label instructions for frequency of re-application) and have significant restrictions regarding even limited applications to bedding.

A new alternative that can offer a level of residual activity after heat treatment for up to two years is to simply cover the mattress and box spring with ActiveGuard® Mattress Liners. The installation of ActiveGuard® on the mattress, box spring, or both kills any bed bugs or their eggs that may have escaped the cleanout service and heat program.  ActiveGuard® Mattress Liners kill bed bugs introduced at a later date for two years, thereby significantly providing residual control and prevention for any heat program. This alternative also reduces manpower costs by lowering the requirement for excessive client return visits. Now you have a device that actively kills bed bugs at the two main sites where bed bugs seek harborage for two years; mattresses and box springs. No other product has label claims registered with the EPA for control and prevention of infestations before they establish.

Simply installed as a fitted sheet, ActiveGuard® provides unique and unparalleled value to every bed bug program by killing those few bed bugs that remain after initial treatment as well as controlling bed bugs that re-emerge or newly re-enter subsequent to the completion of your program. Visit us online today for more information on why ActiveGuard® is a great compliment to your current bed bug treatment program.