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Allergy Technologies Offers First Ever Hotel Bed Bug Guarantee Program

Hotels that invest in hotel-wide protection using ActiveGuard® Mattress Liners will be reimbursed up to 10% for any bed bug treatment costs incurred during the two-year period from date of purchase.

AMBLER, Pa. – (September 5, 2018) – Allergy Technologies LLC, a leading science-based manufacturer of innovative, effective, consumer-friendly pest control products, has introduced its ActiveGuard-based Hospitality Guarantee Program for hotels.

ActiveGuard Mattress Liners (‘ActiveGuard’) are the only EPA-registered product labeled to prevent bed bug infestations for two years. They are the first mattress liners to actually kill bed bugs – even new, more resistant strains. In hotel use for years, ActiveGuard-based preventive programs have proven to reduce infestations as much as 90% or more.

For any hotel-wide purchase of ActiveGuard, Allergy Technologies will reimburse hotels up to 10% of the invoiced price for any bed bug treatment costs incurred during the two-year period from the date the liners were purchased.

“The bottom line is prevention is more effective and less expensive than treating bed bugs,” said Gus Carey, Managing Partner and CEO of Allergy Technologies.  “And we have such great confidence in the ActiveGuard-driven preventive strategy that we are able to offer this guarantee, which is unprecedented in the hospitality industry.”

ActiveGuard liners kill bed bugs in or on mattresses and box springs and are effective in both active and preventive bed bug treatment strategies. Maintenance-free and non-disruptive to hotel operating efficiencies, these liners work 24/7 for two years protecting both bedding and guests from bed bugs. ActiveGuard comes in four bed sizes and are easily installed by one person.

“Bed bugs are a pest that notoriously plague properties with high client turnover, which makes proactively addressing the bed bug resurgence even more critical for hotels,” added Joseph Latino, President of Allergy Technologies.  “The financial benefits of preventing bed bugs are clear: reducing operational expenses, increasing hotel revenues, preserving the hotel’s reputation, enhancing guest confidence and reducing legal liability.”

To read the ActiveGuard Hospitality Guarantee Program guidelines, visit  www.allergytechnologies.com and www.hotelbedbugprevention.com.  To learn more or participate in the Hospitality Guarantee Program, please call 1-866-978-6288.

About Allergy Technologies LLC

Allergy Technologies LLC is committed to the creation and manufacture of innovative, effective and consumer-friendly products addressing major issues in both pest control and healthcare. The company’s product claims are always the result of scientific truth and rigor. ActiveGuard Mattress Liners are available for purchase by pest control professionals and distributors; hoteliers; colleges and universities; property management; federal, state and local housing; cruise lines; and homeowners.  Allergy Technologies is a subsidiary of A. Carey Co. LLC, which focuses on using philanthropy as a core business strategy for its businesses. Through its Philanprofit (SM) strategy, a portion of all ActiveGuard proceeds go to help fund inner-city homeless and women's shelters and asthma clinics.

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